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Why Clutter, 48 Hours matter

Bill Clutter
Post On : 29 Oct, 2013 | Time : 4:12 pm

Our first few blog posts have focused on the absurdity of investigator Bill Clutter‘s latest murder theory in the Paris case. We have been asked why it is necessary to prove the theory is absurd. Our answer: Clutter is asking the Governor of Illinois to declare Randy Steidl and Herb …
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Porter case, explained

Porter documentary preview
Post On : 23 Oct, 2013 | Time : 8:43 pm

Here is a preview of a documentary being produced that will say that Northwestern, with the help of the media, framed an innocent man and helped persuade prosecutors to free a killer. Porter 9/23 sizzle reel from Pinpoint Media on Vimeo.

Did media, Northwestern free killer, frame innocent man?

Former Northwestern professor David Protess jumps into arms of freed Anthony Porter in 1999.
Post On : 22 Oct, 2013 | Time : 5:12 pm

When Northwestern “crusading” journalism professor David Protess and his students helped free convicted killer Anthony Porter from Illinois’ Death Row in 1999, the exoneration prompted books, a death penalty moratorium, a Chicago Tribune editorial page Pulitzer Prize and a gusher of news coverage. If you Google “Anthony Porter” murder exoneration, …
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The nerve of Northwestern

Post On : 18 Oct, 2013 | Time : 4:42 pm

Northwestern University is playing a high stakes game with its reputation and I guess counting on its allies in the media to have its back. The university law school’s Center for Wrongful Convictions renewed its plea this week for IL Governor Pat Quinn to give an innocence pardon to Randy …
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Most absurd murder theory ever, part 3

Hotel France....where Bill Clutter thinks a Texas serial killer/Mob hit man stayed right before he committed Paris' most infamous murders.
Post On : 17 Oct, 2013 | Time : 3:25 pm

Defense investigator Bill Clutter has a wild imagination. He has recently filed an affidavit stating he thinks he knows who really killed Karen and Dyke Rhoads in Paris, IL in 1986. It was a: Texas serial killer. A serial killer/drifter who, for this murder, was a Mob hit man. A …
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Most absurd murder theory ever, part 2

Bud cans
Post On : 14 Oct, 2013 | Time : 8:08 pm

In our first post, we noted that investigator Bill Clutter has filed a clemency affidavit heralding the most absurd murder theory we’ve ever seen. Clutter says that a Texas serial killer temporarily became a Mob hit man and performed his “hit” on Dyke and Karen Rhoads without a weapon of …
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