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Will Northwestern respond to Protess problem?

Post On : 24 Jan, 2014 | Time : 5:54 pm

We are sending the following email to Al Cubbage, Vice President for University Relations, Northwestern University, asking for an official response. We will let you know how the university responds: AL- We would like Northwestern University’s response to the following questions. We will post the question and your response on …
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Newly revealed email proves Northwestern targeted Bob Morgan

Email referencing Northwestern plan to blame Paris murders on Bob Morgan
Post On : 21 Jan, 2014 | Time : 6:04 pm

When I first began helping Bob Morgan fight the smears against him, I immediately began talking to CBS’ 48 Hours, which was planning a second national segment on the Paris murders. The first aired in 2001 and the second show eventually aired in late 2005. Producers insisted repeatedly they had …
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Revelations to come…

Coming Attractions
Post On : 10 Jan, 2014 | Time : 4:22 pm

In the coming weeks, among the things this website will reveal: A never-made-public email that indicates that the “Innocence Industry” set its sights on Bob Morgan as a scapegoat for the Paris murders, the facts be damned. A startling witness account that threatens to shatter the narrative pushed by CBS, …
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