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How Northwestern, CBS misled America, part 6

Post on : 22 Nov, 2013 | Comments (0)
Bill Clutter
Bill Clutter

We have already demonstrated how CBS and Northwestern conspired to gin up a phony revelatory witness in the Paris murder case, put on another witness who was seriously comprised, ignored crucial drug interaction evidence and misstated that Randy Steidl was nowhere near the scene of the murders.

We are not the only ones who believe CBS’ portrayal of the Paris murders was heavily fictionalized. Here is what Steidl and Herb Whitlock ally, investigator Bill Clutter, said about it in his 2008 deposition. Just a few pages earlier, Clutter had confirmed that the Donnie Alexander witness story, as portrayed in the show, was false.

Q. In your opinion, was the 48 Hours program a fair portrayal of the investigation as you knew it?

A. What aspect of the investigation?

Q. The investigation as you knew it at the time it aired, in terms of how things had been learned and evolved over the course of time. How evidence had come to light?

A. I think my reaction is that they overplayed the fact that students had discovered this witness, Mary Easton, but I understood also that it was more in terms of the program was about the Northwestern program. It was about the students. And they wanted to show some development that the students were able to generate. So—

In other words, fake but accurate!

Read the entire passage where Clutter talks about CBS and 48 Hours. It starts about page 245.

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