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Northwestern, CBS decline to comment

Post on : 24 Mar, 2014 | Comments (0)

Both Northwestern University and CBS are declining to comment on the new evidence we have uncovered regarding their substantial involvement in false reporting on the unsolved 1986 Paris, IL murders.

Here is the letter I previously sent Northwestern executive Al Cubbage:


We would like Northwestern University’s response to the following questions. We will post the question and your response on our website:

1) Is Northwestern going to review ALL the murder cases handled by former journalism professor David Protess considering the serious public questions raised in at least three of them? 1) In the Anthony McKinney case, Protess was suspended by the university for allegedly making false statements to the university about pending criminal subpoenas and soon thereafter left the university. 2) The Cook County State’s Attorney’s office is now reviewing the Alstory Simon prosecution after attorneys for Simon alleged “…Northwestern’s unbridled fabrication of false evidence…” in the Anthony Porter exoneration and concurrent Simon prosecution resulting in Simon’s 37-year prison sentence. 3) In the Dyke and Karen Rhoads murder case in Paris, IL that was the subject of several national broadcasts, the website has documented serious misrepresentations of facts by Protess and his students — who were featured in the national broadcasts. We believe Northwestern also unfairly pointed the finger at another man who had no involvement in the murders in order to free jailed defendants.

2) If Northwestern has already conducted such a review, will you publicly share the results with us or characterize the findings?

These questions are serious and deserve answers because if the allegations are accurate in the above cases, the university sponsored efforts that significantly misled the public and prosecutors and might have contributed to guilty persons being freed from prison and an innocent person unjustly incarcerated for 37 years.

Dan Curry

Cubbage said in recent email the university declines to comment on our questions. CBS News has refused to even acknowledge the questions we asked the network.

Disappointing but not surprising. No one seems to want to revisit their obvious mistakes. We reported earlier that Tribune columnist Eric Zorn also didn’t want to comment on the new mystery witness who might hold the key to unlocking the unsolved double murder.

Speaking of blood, I was temporarily thrown off track last week by an errant ice chunk. We will resume next week with the story of the media darling detective who missed the case’s biggest clue.

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