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Porter documentary preview

Porter case, explained

Post On :23 Oct, 2013

Here is a preview of a documentary being produced that will say that Northwestern, with the help of the media, framed an innocent man and helped persuade prosecutors to free …
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Former Northwestern professor David Protess jumps into arms of freed Anthony Porter in 1999.

Did media, Northwestern free killer, frame in...

Post On :22 Oct, 2013

When Northwestern “crusading” journalism professor David Protess and his students helped free convicted killer Anthony Porter from Illinois’ Death Row in 1999, the exoneration prompted books, a death penalty moratorium, …
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The nerve of Northwestern

Post On :18 Oct, 2013

Northwestern University is playing a high stakes game with its reputation and I guess counting on its allies in the media to have its back. The university law school’s Center …
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Hotel France....where Bill Clutter thinks a Texas serial killer/Mob hit man stayed right before he committed Paris' most infamous murders.

Most absurd murder theory ever, part 3

Post On :17 Oct, 2013

Defense investigator Bill Clutter has a wild imagination. He has recently filed an affidavit stating he thinks he knows who really killed Karen and Dyke Rhoads in Paris, IL in …
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Bud cans

Most absurd murder theory ever, part 2

Post On :14 Oct, 2013

In our first post, we noted that investigator Bill Clutter has filed a clemency affidavit heralding the most absurd murder theory we’ve ever seen. Clutter says that a Texas serial …
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Texas murderer Tommy Lynn Sells

Most absurd murder theory ever

Post On :18 Sep, 2013

There has been much strangeness in the 27-year-old mystery of who killed Karen and Dyke Rhoads in Paris, Illinois, but nothing to top the latest “theory.” Investigator William Clutter in …
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CBS logo

CBS gets one right

Post On :18 Sep, 2013

(Originally posted on Reverse Spin blog, Feb. 28, 2008) At CBS’ 60 Minutes, another Dan Rather-like problem may be emerging. A show Sunday that smeared Karl Rove with a very questionable “witness” is drawing …
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Former Illinois State Police detective Michale Callahan

Bad week for media darling

Post On :18 Sep, 2013

(Originally posted on Reverse Spin blog, June 7, 2006) When a “whistleblower” points his whistle in the “right” direction, the news media heels like an obedient dog and is willing …
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48 Hours graphic

Paris frame job falling apart

Post On :18 Sep, 2013

 (Originally posted on Reverse Spin blog, June 5, 2006) I’m involved in an infamous Downstate murder case where the news media is generally following along a storyline that says two …
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