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Phony Paris murders suspect executed in Texas

Post on : 24 Apr, 2014 | Comments (0)

With the news that murderer Tommy Lynn Sells has been executed in Texas, will imaginative investigator Bill Clutter persist in blaming him for the unsolved 1986 Paris murders of Dyke and Karen Rhoads?

We thoroughly debunked Clutter’s absurd theory about Sells and the Paris murders here, here, here, and here.

Here is what another informed observer said about Clutter and the Sells angle:

There is nothing real to make any connection between the Rhoads murders and Sells. There is no DNA. There is no one else who can definitively put him in Edgar County at that time, despite some wild story about him staying at a hotel under the name “Richard Smith.” There is precious little but the word of a proven nutcase who has gained a sort of infamy claiming to have murdered people in unsolved cases, thereby prompting poor folks who are desperate for answers…to cling to his every misbegotten word….then in some cases….send him ALL KINDS OF INFORMATION about the case in advance of him claiming he “did it”…now armed with details that he didn’t previously have. The problem isn’t just that Texas isn’t carefully monitoring his inmate mail, either (obviously they aren’t); it’s that privileged mail—media mail—is being claimed by unscrupulous people who are feeding him info, media people who are abusing their status as such, and are sometimes privy to inside information on such cases…and so Tommy Lynn comes away looking like he knows all because he committed the murders. And that’s simply not the case.

That didn’t stop Champaign News-Gazette columnist Jim Dey and other media outlets to write extensively about Clutter’s whacky theory, although in Dey’s defense he did treat it quite skeptically.

However, Dey and other media outlets are giving the cold shoulder to new developments in the Paris case, including the public disclosure for the first time of a compelling new witness who says she saw Herb Whitlock covered with blood minutes after the murders and Ovid Chambers holding a bloody knife.

NEXT: Why is the news media refusing to cover the mystery witness and other new developments in the Paris case?

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