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Whitlock denies being covered with blood after murders

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Herb Whitlock
Herb Whitlock

Herb Whitlock is denying the entire story of the mystery witness who implicated him in the 1986 unsolved murders.

Whitlock was released from prison in 2008 after an Illinois Appellate Court granted him a new trial in 2007. The State of Illinois declined to retry him.

The mystery witness, a single mother, said her former boyfriend Ovid Chambers and Whitlock visited her apartment shortly after the murders. She claims Whitlock was covered with blood and Chambers was holding a bloody knife.

Chambers said the two were out “killing rabbits” that evening and then threatened her to give a false alibi to police if she was questioned, the witness said in a December 2008 sworn deposition in federal court.

Here is the transcript portion where Whitlock is asked about this in his own sworn deposition in federal court on July 30, 2009.

Q. Specifically, on July the 6th, at 3 o’clock in the morning, did you go
to her house with Ovid Chambers?
A. Absolutely not.
Q. On July the 5th did you ever go to her house?
A. No.
Q. At any time have you ever told (name redacted) that on July the 5th,
1986, you were out killing rabbits with Ovid Chambers?
A. No.
Q. Did you ever at any time have any conversation with (name redacted) about
blood on your body?
A. No.
Q. Or about you smelling like smoke? Any conversation about that ever?
A. No.

Whitlock lives in the Paris area today. State prosecutors at the time of his release from prison said Whitlock was still a suspect in the open investigation. He has not been recharged.

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