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Will Northwestern, Protess problems spill over to Paris case?

Post on : 10 Apr, 2014 | Comments (0)

We mentioned the Paris murders and this blog’s coverage of them in today’s featured article on the nationally prominent website, American Thinker.

The article centers on the Anthony Porter exoneration, which we wrote about on this blog here. Here is what today’s article said about the Paris case:

The fairy tale continued to fall apart in 2011 when Professor Protess left Northwestern soon after the university placed him on leave and issued a scalding public rebuke accusing him of lying to the university and court in another murder case. His methods have come under fire in other famous exonerations, including one in downstate Paris, IL where he and his students were able to convince CBS to do three factually dubious national broadcasts in another double murder that also led to exonerations.

Will be interesting to see what Northwestern does about other cases handled by ex journalism professor Protess if Simon is released from prison and the Porter exoneration is shown to be a fraud. So far, the university is mum.

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